Holistic Childbirth, gentle and emotional birth with Wellness Diffuser

Holistic Childbirth with Wellness Diffuser at Bibbiena Hospital (ASL 8 Arezzo Italy)

Parto Dolce

At the point of birth Hospital of Arezzo Bibbiena Asl 8 (Casentino area) for about a year in this facility you can make the delivery with the use of the diffuser being multisensory.

The Wellness Diffuser is a programmable technique capable of delivering 4 applications at the same time being: aromatherapy-crystal-color therapy and music therapy.

The hospital Bibbiena Asl 8 Arezzo is dedicated to the reception of normal birth where a pool of takes care of the woman throughout labor using the diffuser being in its programs (see procedure), thereby making the micro-climate of childbirth friendly and relaxing.

Your use of the diffuser being is always accompanied by other natural analgesic techniques with acupressure.

Where and how find holistic gentle and emotional birth

The gentle birth and holistic approach can be made at present exclusively in the Hospital of Arezzo Bibbiena Asl 8 (Casentino area).

How to reach the hospital in Arezzo Bibbiena Asl 8: Our hospital is located in the province of Arezzo in the Casentino area via F. Turati Bibbiena.

How to contact the hospital in Arezzo Bibbiena Asl 8:

Management procedure for the use of Wellness Diffuser in holistic, gentle, emotional childbirth


The Wellness Diffuser is a patented technical programmable application which can supply and combines aromatherapy, Music therapy, chromotherapy and applied crystal therapy..


  • Directive 89/336
  • Directive 73/23
  • 98/37/ce


Parto olisticoAromatherapy : The use of essential oils and aromatic plants , is one of the techniques of natural medicine, alternative and holistic . Some suggestions induce the choice of a soothing aroma in the first stage of labor . With the progress of the second phase and childbirth real an oil as the manta is considered with restorative properties .

Color therapy is an integrative medicine ( easily integrates with other therapies or treatments to enhance the result ) that uses colors to help the body and psyche to detect their natural balance . Our Wellness Diffuser focuses the radiation on the energy points of the body more receptive as meridians or chakras , in the modern Western tradition are identified with the name of " force centers " or " spiritual senses ."

Music therapy : it is based on principles that are to be sought at the dawn of human history. Everyone recognizes the power of music on emotions. In addition to the physiological effects , music can stimulate the imagination and provoke positive feedback.

Crystal Therapy : chakra stones act on keeping them open and bright , are seven in number and each one vibrates at a certain frequency energy and is responsible for its own level of awareness , they are in harmony with one another and in a state of harmony. The quartz crystals used in transparent diffuser Wellness promote the achievement of balance and purity of mind and energy .

Operational procedures for using the Wellness Diffuser in gentle birth

The effect of the application of holistic musician, glass , chrome and aromatherapy has been studied and implemented through various experiments to make the most of the effectiveness of programs designed for relaxation, sleep, meditation and energy.

The diffuser is in fact capable of delivering four Wellness programs lasting about 30 minutes each . For best results it is recommended to ensure a secure environment by external stimuli , darkened , quiet, with the presence of the staff strictly necessary .

During the course of labor is reported in a grid the degree of unpleasantness of pain.

The programs are suitable for meditation and relaxation favor the dilating phase of labor .

In the program relaxation music evokes the "cycle of life " with the path of the water from the springs flow down from the mountain , then we hear the sound of rain , the water that ends up in the cave , in the pond , and finally to the sea with the cry of the seagulls.

The programs meditation and energy , with the sound of Tibetan bells , are indicated for the second stage of labor .

It is advisable to apply a maximum of three courses in the servicing of a labor.

Accountability in usage of the Wellness Diffuser in holistic, emotional childbirth

The midwife on duty in the delivery room is responsible for using the diffuser Wellness Diffuser during childbirth.

Review of new mother using the Wellness Diffuser in gentle birth


Today at 13:04 is our first born son, Nicholas. An infinite joy and emotion we have invaded the heart and soul from the very first instant. We shared the labor and delivery as if we were a single body, my husband and I have shared the joy and the pain of every moment. this thanks to the love that unites us and the professionalism, and the constant support of the midwife Juliet, who with infinite patience has led us to this wonderful adventure and reminded us all of the valuable advice of the method Bonapace, known during the course of pre-childbirth. a method that constantly reminds the fundamental characteristic of childbirth: a completely natural event, where with calm patience and simple breathing techniques you can manage pain. Precious was also the environment of the delivery room, an environment where you can feel almost at home thanks to the soft lights, soothing music and scents. despite the pain and physical fatigue when Nicholas came to light we felt proud of ourselves and of our new family!
A special thank you to all the staff of the department were always friendly, helpful and professional!
Thanks also to Dr. Mazzetti who followed us in the past nine months! Thank you! E. and M.


YESTERDAY AT 11:41 Azur is born our second child, the joy experienced on the occasion of the birth of Elena almost 4 years ago it was revived more explosive and exciting than ever.
A special thank you to the entire department of doctors, midwives and nurses who perform their duties with professionalism, but also with love, gentleness, kindness and sympathy towards their parents is that the new arrivals.
The novelty (diffuser) that we have experienced in the delivery room made ​​it quieter, less traumatic and very challenging ... it almost seems to be pampered in a spa rather than in the delivery room !! The lights, the colors, the smells, but especially the music creates certainly benefit in these moments ... as for me compared to the first birth I was feeling even better.
The department of obstetrics and nest Casentino is the most beautiful in the world! the word of kids and parents! R.M.

Datasheet on Wellness Diffuser usage in holistic, emotional childbirth

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