Wellness Diffuser: a product conceived real according to innovative and different standards

In order to make a product conceived real according to innovative and different standards, NPS S.r.l. had to resort not only to highly qualified technical and scientific cooperations, but it also turned to suppliers selected among the best craftsmen and engineers.

Concerning the first we turned to expert industrial designers and to qualified thermomakers to create the high profile of our product; therefore traditional thermomaking has been combined (thanks to Materialconnexion cooperation) to the identification of proceedings and raw materials for the coloration and the pigmentation of the product.

In addition to specific materials, we use extremely advanced machineries to optimize the fundamental process (such as plus thermomaking).

Concerning assemblage and cutting we make use of highly qualified engineering societies.

Precisely in our project there are also societies specialized in plastic material manufacturing and finishing.

Concerning manufacturing with high value added our company turned to high profile societies which work in the industrial coloration and fixing area as well as to Italian artisan companies for the following phases: containment section bar manufacturing, suspension hangers (planned by our architecture offices) and the manufacturing of single components and middle manufacturings.

We would like to do a particular mention of the crystal cutter masters, who in their seat in Brasil improve the pure crystal form in conformity to the golden ratio of the Pyramid of Cheops as well as for the oils suppliers, who attend with skillfulness and attention to pack the oil reloading in conformity to the exclusive composition and to the ratio oil/glycol which our company has tested and optimized by various samplings.

Regarding the artistic section and the design we would like to thank the craftsmen, distinguished representatives of Made in Italy, both for the aluminum profile hammering and handmanufacturing and for the artistic painting of the inferior shell and the chromatic handmade shade of the superior shell.

Furthermore we would like to thank the qualified cooperations of the researchers of the Politecnico of Milan for the designing, development, testing and debugging of the electronic, data processing and structural components, as well as for its precious collaboration in the research of the most innovative materials from the data banks of the Universities of New York, Bangkok, Cologne and Milan.

Finally our right and proper thanks are for all the human resources, who offered their contribution for the beta tester phase, the evaluation and empirical validation of the functioning of the Diffuser.

We are very grateful to all of them for their cooperation in the creation of a product with a unique and hard-to-reply know-how!