Wellness Diffuser: Integrated Holistic Wellness Systems

Made in Italy quality and technology

The Diffuser, planned with the collaboration of scientists for every Wellness therapy and made with the most advanced technological components, is the first patented machinery to combine in only one application of specific luminous frequencies, birefringences through the spectrum of a pure crystal, acoustic bioresonances and series of 12 aromas checked and electronically synchronized to awake your psychophysical Wellness and to improve your sleep, your relaxation, your meditation and to direct your energy!

Diffusore Benessere 5.0

Diffusore Benessere 4.0


The multisensory Wellness Diffuser is a technical and patented programmable application (a kind of lamp or spot light) which can supply simultaneously four different therapies: aromatherapy, colour light therapy(chromotherapy), music therapy and applied crystal therapy.

Using these therapies have four programs at your disposal to improve your sleep, to promote relaxation and meditation and to direct energy in a unique experience which combines all your senses in a wonder of lights, colours and music.

You will only have to press a button on the remote control to choose whatever benefit you want and to live within a new Wellness frontier.

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Our senses are like windows we open to the world around us.

Aromas, colours and tunes are the emotional portals which keep us in touch with the Universe.

Therefore the more a man lives in a completely multisensory state, the better he develops his creativity, productiveness and relationship with himself and the others.

The Wellness Diffuser is therefore important not only as a means of personal regeneration, but also an improvement of one’s environment, even a working one.

The union of tunes, lights and aromas is the global series which constitutes the DNA of the Wellness Diffuser.

The advanced know-how of the product is just in this global series.

We tested thousands of series to obtain the best holistic-combined effect in the union of every single tune, colour and aroma for the body and mental Wellness!

Years of experimentation and the cooperation of important experts let us create truly effective series capable to stimulate physical sensations and driven emotions thanks to a product studied in order to combine therapies in conformity to a complex program (from relaxation to meditation) with just one click!

The product can be utilised by everyone but it was thought precisely for Wellness centers, spas, accommodations and hotels, gyms and beauty farms in order to diversify and valorize the services offered, to grow and retain customers through a loyalty marketing.
The diffuser is conceived both as a standalone application and as a possible association to specific treatments, referring the purposes of energy or relaxation programs (Swedish massage, aesthetic massage, ayurvedic massage, shiatsu massage, holistic treatments, reflexological treatments, physiotherapy treatments, acupuncture, reiki sessions, yoga sessions, etc.).

Thanks to the wireless system you will able to listen to the tunes created purposely for our treatments in hi-fi reproduction through headphones compatible with our Wellness Diffuser (see the instructions).


Concerning the function of light point, the Multisensory Diffuser 5.0 is similar to a All Led lamp, because of the features of the led stripes: high luminous efficiency and great flux maintenance, extra long life product, loading temperature from -30 to +80 °C, great chromatic output, minimum percentage of stripes even at low temperature, top class power efficiency, 80.000 working life guaranteed!

Special features:

  • Medical safety approvals
  • CE Mark EMC & LVD
  • Universal AC input
  • Fully regulated output
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Internal remote sense to the output plug
  • Constant voltage
  • High efficiency
  • High MTBF
  • IEC320 AC receptacle, 3 pin (type C14)
  • Built in EMI filter (CISPR 22 Class B)
  • LED power good indicator
Wellness Diffuser 5.0

The version 5.0 has RGB 16 colours leds (with no UV emission). This technology has the following profits for the led application:

  • 10 times more efficient than a usual incandescent lamp and twice more than a fluorescent one.
    Beyond 40 lumen/W for the white LEDs (more than a recent halogen lamp).
  • Effective life of 60.000 – 70.000 hours (theoretical 100.000 hours), which correspond to more than 7 - 8 years continuous utilisation, while we have 800 hours for an incandescent lamp and 15.000 - 20.000 hours for a fluorescent one.
  • The LEDs do not stop suddenly but they decrease their light emission slowly, keeping 70% of their luminous flux after 50.000 hours.

The Wellness Diffuser has an innovative design optimized thanks to the cooperation of expert industrial designers and it has an elegant shape, technological and classic at the same time. Therefore it can fit perfectly every kind of furnishings and stand for a distinctive made in Italy product.

The Diffuser dimensions are: 64 x 30 x 43 cm.

The first lots of the Wellness Diffuser are marketed in the exclusive "Master craftsmen" version, that is each piece is numbered and shaped by expert craftsmen’s hands, symbol of Made in Italy… when art and technology meet Wellness! The available versions are: "Bright Silver" e "Old Gold ".

The Diffuser is also available in the "Ceiling flying" option for a high effect suspension.

Since January 2012 Wellness Diffuser is available with a new flying version with adjustable height and integrated plate ceiling system with extremely pure crystal and 16 colors and RGB intensity remote control. The LED technology is currently the most advanced and guaranteed (for 80,000 hours).

This new application will allow a simple, easy and safe replacement of essential oils.

This new accessory is not only appreciate for the simplicity, but also for the lines and innovative design.

The available versions are studied and made to fit every furnishing style (Bright Silver for modern and/or hi-tech settings; Old Gold for classic ones).

The gas-check ring in Silver and/or Gold band, which is a distinctive feature of the Diffuser, is cut and hand-shaped by Italian master craftsmen, whose delicate high care and labour in detail make every single piece a unique one.

Besides the materials used in the creation of the Diffuser are particularly innovative and recently-patented, and they associate Excelent heat treatment features with very good mechanical ones. In this way planners can enjoy of unlimited chances to make complex transparent structures.

This material can be employed in many different sectors, from industry to medicine and communication.

Ipod Controller & Irda Device

Is now available (optional with Wellness Diffuser 3rd Edition 5.0 and in bundle from version Oasis and all other versions combined) the New Docking Station Wellness Diffuser ® brand.

Included an Ipod Touch as a remote control and an innovative control Irda Device which allows you an easy control of the Wellness Diffuser and other combined devices (eg Adjustable Flying, projector, etc. ..).


Moreover a distinctive feature of the Diffuser is its updating capability; indeed thanks to the continuous researches of our technical staff, our product is constantly updated through new upgrades for its secure digital card (these upgrades can be bought exclusively through our website).

The upgrades schedule new master series to diversify the synergic-holistic connection of the four therapies of reference.

Thanks to this advanced technology and to the researches aiming to a continuous improvement of the product, you will always have an eternally new, different and updated lamp at your disposal.

The uniqueness of the product can be seen through various aspects: combination of four therapies for your Wellness, innovative and compact design, easiness to install, easiness to use, and mobility.

Therefore the Diffuser is the only product capable to meet your requirements and to create a remarkable profit concerning efficiency and exclusiveness.


  • High possibilities of conformation
  • high productiveness, very easy manufacturing at low temperature and thus with reduced cycle times
  • high resistance to breaking thanks to a remarkable elasticity coefficient
  • Excelent printability
  • ISO 9002-certified production
  • very high transparency
  • class I materials (thus self-extinguishing).

Thanks to the remote control, the Diffuser allows to control the lightpoint (as a normal lamp), the choice of the led luminous flux modalities (modalities: flash, strobe, fade e smooth), the control of each therapy (including the possible exclusion of one of them) and of all the combined series (lights, music, aromas) through the simple choice of one of the enjoyment programs you want to start (sleep, relax. energy, meditation).

Briefly beyond the use of innovative materials, the continuous combination of design and research, the value of the Italian master craftsmen’s labour and the utilization of pure naturally-cut crystals make each Diffuser unique and always different, an authentic object of art!

As all the other employed materials, every single mechanical and electronic component has been carefully selected after tests and comparisons with other ones to verify its quality, originality and functionality in order to make an innovative product from every point of view.

Concerning the specific benefits the Diffuser can offer to your structure and business, you can consult these pages: Wellness centers and corners, hotels & spas, Corporate Wellness e professional people , show rooms & ateliers.

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Therefore the Wellness Diffuser can be considered as machinery for insomnia, to fight against stress and to promote, through its technical applications, sleep, holistic Wellness for mind and body.

Thus the Diffuser can be included among the machineries and equipments for total and global Wellness, for corporate Wellness and for Wellness in beauty farms, Wellness centers, spas, gyms, hotels, holistic centers, meditation centers.

The Wellness Diffuser is holistic machineries, coloured light device, aromatherapy device, chromotherapy machinery studied precisely as multisensory machinery or equipment and furnishing accessory which supplies chromtherapy, aromatherapy, Music therapy and applied crystal therapy in a single application.

It is studied and created as distinctive and innovative product for Wellness centers, spas, highly qualified hotels, multisensory gyms and beauty farms.

It can be combined to ad hoc furnishing accessories(such as couches to favour Wellness treatments) and settings to valorize better the holistic functionalities of our product.