Corporate Wellness Products

Wellness improves performance

For firms and professional people, but also for employees and your customers, it is now possible to create a Wellness oasis to offer helpful relaxation in order to promote concentration, to fight the stress and to work in a better situation.

An exclusive product which you may place in an ad hoc corner, in the waiting room or in your office in order to enjoy its benefits completely.

Lately, following the Japanese and American models, the best firms, and especially the best professional offices (law firms, notary's offices, accountant's offices, medical offices), start to act in the corporate business domain.

In fact in some offices there are benefits related to Wellness, while in other ones real policies for body care are tested. Actually corporate Wellness has become a fundamental issue for the motivation and productiveness of the operative staff and there are more and more corporate Wellness projects.

In the holistic area, you can satisfy your corporate relaxation route and, during the coffee or lunch break, you can revitalize yourselves thanks to the specific programs of the Diffuser in order to fight against the stress, improve your energy and rebalance the connection mind and body.

You may also combine the complete programs of the Diffuser thanks to holistic treatments, massages,pranic respiration, stress management, herb teas and drinks, so that your productiveness and working performances are improved, adding taste and touch to your multisensory experience.

In Rebalancing section it is possible to create, thanks to the Wellness Diffuser, a peaceful oasis even in firms , a small heaven which everyone desires to take advantage of during the usual coffee break, a real regenerative relaxation which permits to deal with work business with new energy, clearness and resolution.

The WD use allows the following advantages:

  • Increase in productiveness
  • Reduction in stress
  • Greater and more natural bent for team work
  • More industrious mind to take decisions and solve problems

This target may benefit from franchising contracts, when the customer requires our staff's assistance in the personalization of the product and in the choice of essential oils, music and colour series in order to obtain the best advantages in conformity with the customer's inclinations.

Meditation as fundamental element of the organizational culture

Thanks to meditation we join together our heart and our mind, focus on what we really desire and we let the best of our soul rise, but above all we see the world with new eyes , noticing things which can make the difference.

Meditation is a technique of self-listening in order to become conscious of one's way of thinking, listen to and act. It is also a technique of transformative learning, that is a process by which we can change our usual experience to live new possibilities and to conquer new points of view to see the world and live relationships.

If we consider meditation as a process of knowledge, it is possible to understand the probable application of the Diffuser in a business training course. So it would be restrictive to think to meditation only as a technique to obtain Wellness, relaxation and balance. Indeed although Wellness and relaxation are appreciable results in order to improve the working conditions and everyday life, the Wellness Diffuser aims to explore all the potentialities of such a technique.

Bringing meditation in firm means to promote a deep change in the way we work, feel our role and our professional relationships. The power of meditation is clear when we shift our interest from one another; from a mechanistic vision of facts to a systemic one; from feeling ourselves as single beings to feeling ourselves as interdependent beings; from a linear way of problem solving to a creative and reorganizing one.

Expected benefits and results

  • more cooperation among people
  • more clearness and efficiency at work
  • strengthening of cohesion thanks to the sharing of the same experience
  • improvement of stress resistance
  • growth of new skills, such as intuition, inventiveness and emotional consciousness
  • broadmindedness to change and flexibility