Customer Advice

Strategic Wellness franchising advice

Our studies are turned to the planning and creation of "Wellness" spaces in accommodations, Wellness centers, spas, gyms, but also Wellness corners in firms and for residential building, aiming to a loyalty marketing for growing and retaining customers.

For business structures turned towards Wellness it is important to attract a growing number of customers, to make their sojourn pleasant and to make them desire to come back. Today offering a new positive experience is an unmissable must for Wellness investors in order to make the difference.

The Wellness Diffuser meets this requirement giving a highly qualified service to these structures.

Beyond the supply, NPS offers a new trade advice to optimize and personalize the various qualities of the Diffuser and to evaluate ad hoc solutions in order to decrease better the amortization time of the product obtaining new proceeds immediately.

Thanks to the Diffuser you can personalize your spaces offering a total Wellness sensation to your customers, making ad hoc corners, proposing always different multisensory experiences and combining therapies and treatments.

The Diffuser is simultaneously a finishing and starting point to plan and make new multisensory spaces which become Wellness spaces. For such a purpose thanks to the cooperation of architects and designers, our company offer the chance to make a complete architectural project, from the preliminary check up to the executive planning and the conclusive creation key in hand.

The Wellness room and settings page, are just some of the steps turned to the making new organical concepts regarding applied and contextualized Wellness, where concepts such as Wellness, bioarchitecture, demotics, room automation, perceived design quality, employment possibility, solution versatility, close understanding of the subtle mechanisms of multisensory holistic solutions which are associated in "full experiences" new solutions.

Our staff of architects and designers deals with insertions in residential building, day furnishing accessory, night furnishing accessory, demotic solutions, home automation solutions, hotel automation, room automation, Wellness architecture, multisensory architecture, emotional architecture.