Certifications and Awards

Wellness Diffuser win "Un Designer per le Imprese" prize announced from Milan Chamber of Commerce

Wellness Diffuser win Wellness diffuser win the prize Un Designer per le Imprese, announced from Milan Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Material ConneXion Italia.

Thanks to this important award we will claim collaborations of Milan University and Higher Instruction Institutes: Domus, IED, NABA and Politecnico Milano, that will customize models and prototype of high design, that will attend to the next Triennale di Milano exposition.

Wellness Diffuser has obtained an acknowledgment from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan

Our product obtained the acknowledgement for innovative product, among more than 3.000 demands from the Chamber of Commerce of Milan!

In July 2012, Wellness Diffuser New Version 6.0 has won the awards by Disegni+ sponsored by "Esposizione Permanente del Made in Italy e del Design Italiano nel Mondo", with honorable mention for its features and innovation and for enhance Italian Design.

Measurement patents + Awards 2014

Measurement patents + Awards 2014With determination ref. prot. 21573 of 11TH of nove 2014, Invitalia, the National Agency for investment promotion and enterprise development, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development, completed the qualitative analysis and the merits for the project Hydrovision, and approved the admission for winning awards “Measurement patents +”, for the economic exploitation of patents of micro, small and medium Italian firms.

Thanks to this important approval, our patented systems have obtained all the major awards related to the design and technological innovation for the domestic Market.

The product has been certified in accordance with:

  •  directive 89/336,
  •  directive 73/23,
  •  98/37/ce, low voltage directive.

Therefore it can be considered as:

  •  lighting device owing to all the tests concerning the illumination,
  •  LED (EN 60598-1 e EN 825) for the emission of LED,
  •  household electrical appliance owing to the heating aspect(EN  60335-2-101:2002).

The Wellness Diffuser obeys the rule of the directive 2002/95/CE also known as RoHs which provides the prohibition and limitation of the employment of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other elements. In particular as regards to fluorescent and neon lamps containing mercury, they are already certified and follow the RoHs directive.

Besides the contents of lead related to the soldering point are lower than 85% of what the rule provides.

Together with the Community directive, it is important to highlight the provisions WEEE related to the electrical and electronical waste products: all the Diffuser components follow the current criterions regarding the collection, the removal and the recycling of electrical and electronical waste products.

It useful to remember that for the plumbing and bathroom system, the rule of reference is the CEI 64-8/7.

Concerning the electromagnetical Compatibility (lead and irradiating emissions, electrostatic discharges), the product is certified in conformity to the rules of reference EN 55014-1:2000, EN 55015:2000 e EN 61000-4-2:1995.

Compatibility NORMATIVA 35 ECODESIGN./p>