Music therapy systems

The therapeutic effects of sound and music can modify the activity of the vegetative nervous system

Musicoterapia Principles where Music therapy has its origin date back at the dawning of human history.

Everywhere and every time, every people organized music manifestations which strengthen the power of sound, and therefore of music, on the human being.

We can mention the myth of Orpheus or David’harp to testify the therapeutic use of music. Everyone has acknowledged and still acknowledge the music power to influence emotions.

Effetti della musicoterapia

Using music listening to prevent and heal means besides to feed the body thanks to the sound, utilising it to discover new dimensions hidden at the bottom of our soul and to accelerate the consciousness evolution.

Particularly, for the purposes of the Wellness Diffuser we have considered the relationship between music and listener, analysing the phenomenon of music when it is consciously listened; and the relationship between subject and setting.

Musicoterapia: una delle terapie del Diffusore BenessereThe therapeutic effects of sound and music can modify the activity of the vegetative nervous system. Music can be an effective therapeutic addition in different situations, in particular where there is chronic pain, because music can modulate complex nervous activities which generates in quantifiable neurovegetative alterations.

As well as these physiologic effects, music can stimulate the imagery and generate creative reactions. In fact hearing and listening to sounds is not at all a state of passivity, the listening is not so different from the other music productions.

The listener is not a simple passive sound-receiver; on the contrary he/she is an authentic maker since he/she makes the music piece (or the reproduction of specific sounds and noises) live again inside him/her and he/she interprets the music in accordance with his/her culture and sensitiveness.

It is in the XIX century that luminaries start the first real scientific researches concerning the physiological modifications induced by music by the observations of its effects on the respiration, the cardiac rhythm, the blood circulation and pressure.

In particular, also in the Music therapy (or phonetherapy), as in the chromotherapy, we can notice the importance of the same vital and energy centres, which in Yoga Tantra are named chakras and which resonate (and therefore biresonate) with energy vibrations, colours and sounds.

The music employed by the diffusor is based on seven different keys (reproduced by thetuning fork) and on a specific resonant tone.

This music can be helpful to stimulate meditation and energy, respectively for the four upper chakras and the first three lower ones) and it resonates in sequence with each of the seven chakras starting from Muladhara, the centre of sexual energy, till Sahasrara, which governs the centre of spiritual energy. In this way, the music spurs energies and harmonizes the chakras.

Electroencephalograms prove that our brain produces different wavelengths according to what we are doing in a particular moment. These wavelength can be assembled in four groups of frequency:

  • beta waves: from 14 to 30 Hertz (cycles per second);
  • alpha waves: from 8 to 13 Hertz (cycles per second);
  • teta waves: from 4 to 7 Hertz (cycles per second);
  • delta waves: from 1 to 3 Hertz (cycles per second);

Musicoterapia: una delle terapie del Diffusore Benessere

When we are awake and conscious, when our senses are caught by the surrounding world, we are in beta state, that is when our brain works within the frequencies described above, the highest ones.

Instead alpha waves are connected to meditation and relax. teta frequencies are related to dreamy and inventive states, while we find delta waves during a deep sleep.
Therefore theoretically to induce our brain within a particular frequency field means to modify our state of consciousness.

Bioresonance can be practised for different purposes, such as to re-balance chakras and to renew our vital energies, but it can also be used as a support for a deep loosening, together with the autogenous training.

Our body is composed of water for 75%, but it also consists of electromagnetic energy fields.

These fields, which are strictly joint to emotions and thoughts, form what is usually named subtle body or etheric body. Chakras are the areas where we can find these electromagnetic fields in order to do some peculiar functions in specific parts of our body.
Chakras coincide to nervous plexus.
In order to have a beneficent effect it is therefore enough to let yourself go and cradle by listening to the sound waves of the Diffuser. The effect on chakras is obtained thanks to the sounds themselves and to the vibrations which will be easily absorbed in a peaceful condition. Indeed the employment of these sounds combined with autogenous training is an authentic therapy this technique helps people to abandon materialness in promote of spirituality. Besides thanks to the specific relation between frequencies and chakras, this practice helps the harmonisation of the organs connected to the chakras themselves.

Remarkable effects of Music therapy have been highlighted in the following cases:

Alzheimer, Anaesthesia, Brain activity, Dyslexia, Pain, Mental handicap, Intelligence, Birth, Oncologic patients, Immune system.

Musicoterapia: una delle terapie del Diffusore BenessereIn the light of these mechanisms just resumed, Music therapy series have been studied, tested and created to give separately and holistically the best efficiency for the programs among which the user can choose.

You can buy on line the updatings and the upgrades with the new music thematic series created by our composers.

You will find all the information on the website and/or you will receive updatings in our newsletter, if you bought the product, in order to profit by new releases and to own a music collection where you can choose the music thematic compositions.

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